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June 10,1971

Mr. Jacques Baulin
Counselor to the President of the Republic of Niger

Dear Mr.Baulin :

I regret that i was not in New York during your visit in April, and thereby missed the opportunity of meeting with you. Miss Cynthia Wise of our office prepared a memorandum of your April 27 meeting with her at the Permanent Mission of Niger to the United Nations. It was through this memorandum that I became aware of your visit and of the needs expressed by you of President Bou Bou Hama in the domain of oral tradition. Pursuant to that meeting I have taken action in two area which i would like to report here.
the africain Studies association is a grouping of primarily American scholars, teachers and students interesting in Africa. This organization includes specialists in the fields of history, economics, literature, political science, linguistics, geography, anthropology and art. Most leading American scholars inloved in the study of Africa belong to ASA. One of its sub -comitees, the Committee on Oral Data has been given a sum of moneyby the Ford Foundation to support researches who are investigating oral history and contributing to archives. Very soon I hope to be able to bring together Ambassador Georges Condat, and Professor Graham Irwin, the Chairman of the Comittee on Oral Data to discuss the possibility of cooperation with President Boubou in this area of mutual interest. I shall, of course, inform you through the appropiate channels of the outcome of meeting

In a second area I have taken the liberty of contacting one of this country’s leading historians concerned with the oral traditions and history of the West Africain Sahel, selected North Africain areas and the linkages between these areas ? Tis getleman, Professor William Brown,has undertaken extensive research in the Macina areae of Mali, and has recently retourned from a field trip surveing archives and data in Africa. He is competent in both French and Arabic. He is presently on the history faculty at the University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin and will join the faculty of Harvard University, Cambridge,

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