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Je suis à Hamarol en octobre 71

June May 7, 1971

Professor William Brown
Department of History
university of Wosconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Dear Professor Brown :

Pursuant to our recent telephone conversation I am forwarding to you a copy of the memorandun of Miss Cynthia Wise, the AAI Officier who met with Mr Jacques Baulin, consellor to the president of Niger.
I am writing to Mr . Baulin about our own conversation and your tentative itenerary for the spring of next year . I shall also attempt to get as precise a picture as possible of the needs of Boubou hama so that you might relate your own experience and skills to these.

Thank you once again for your very generous reception to the principe of this idea. I sincerely hope that there will be some definite point of cooperation that can be arranged between yourself and the Nigerien officials.

Yours sincerely,

Gilbert K. Sherman
Program Officier
Evaluation & Development

GKS :hb

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